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Foreclosures – Power of Sale

Foreclosures and Power of Sales in Aurora

If you are facing a potential foreclosure or power of sale on your property, the following information could be very important to you. Our mortgage agents work to save your home and preserve the equity in your home. We will tell you your best mortgage option and give your our opinion on your situation. The most important point of a foreclosure or power of sale is to act quickly. The lender’s lawyer will not delay any legal actions, unless they are instructed to do so.

We can respond to the lender’s lawyer and stop any legal proceedings that have been commenced.  When you contact us please have any legal documents that you have received available to you, the best option is to email the legal documents to us.

As you may be already aware the foreclosure or power of sale process can be expensive, since the lender can charge many different fees. This is why it is important to stop the power of sale quickly.




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